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Charcoal briquetting machine

Charcoal ball press machine can produce BBQ charcoal briquettes and coal briquettes from charcoal/ coal powder. The charcoal briquettes can be pillow/ ball or etc, shape.
This charcoal briquette making machine can also be used for pressing various powder, such as pulverized coal, iron powder, aluminum powder etc. Widely used in industries such as charcoal plant, refractories, power plants, metallurgy. The shaped products made by this machine is energy- saving & environmentally- friendly, which facilitates transportation and improves the utilization of waste materials.

Charcoal briquetting machine Description

Ball pressure machine through reducer simultaneously transmitted the power to two pressure rollers and made them rotated in opposite directions. In two pressure rollers rotation, materials naturally enter into the ball molds on pressure roller and materials pressure vary from small to large with the rotation of the pressure roller. When the material is rotated to two rollers line contact points, materials pressure has reached a peak. Under enormous pressure, the powder materials are suppressed into finished ball.

1.Raw material size should be smaller than 5mm;
2.The best moisture for briquetting is 10-15%;
3.Binder: add different binders according to your raw material and final briquettes requirements;
4.Raw material of charcoal briquette press machine: charcoal powder, coal powder, coke powder, carbon powder, carbon black powder, fine sawdust powder, mineral powder, ore powder, iron powder, refractory powder, etc.

Model  Roller Diameter Power



T 290 290mm 5.5 kw 1- 3 t/h
T 360 360mm 7.5 kw 4-6 t/h
T 430 430mm 15 kw 6-8 t/h
T 500 500mm 18.5 kw 8-10 t/h
T 650 650mm 25 kw 10-15 t/h
T 800 800mm 30 kw 15-20 t/h
T 1000 1000mm 45 kw 22-30 t/h